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The Sutures manufactured by MSI are conforming to usp specification every batch of Sutures passes through elaborate test and evaluation procedure as prescribed by usp all MSI Sutures comes with the assurance of strict compliance to the standards of good manufacturing pracice (GMP).

Absorbable and non absorbable Suture meterials swaged with different needles are aviailable in a complete range which includes Polyglycolic Acid(PGA), Catgut Plain, Catgut Chromic, Black Braided Silk, Braided Coated Polyster, Monofilament Polyamide(Nylon) and Monofilament Polypropylene. MSI Sutures are presented in the popular peel - open packs.

Classification of the MSI Sutures

Med Evolution MICRYL
Med Evolution MSIGUT - Plain
Med Evolution MSIGUT - Chromic
Med Evolution MSILK
Med Evolution MSILON
Med Evolution MSILENE
Med Evolution MSIBOND

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